Cirque du so-GayLa

The most glamorous Queer event of the season

December 9th, 2023

6-10pm @ The Downtown Clifton

Thank you for coming!

Our sponsors were crucial - thank you!

An Enchanting Extravaganza

An evening of delights for all the senses, attendees will enter the whirling realm of *cirque*. Guests will be treated to delicious bites as they float about the room, immersed in the whimsical glamour of cirque performances, live music, fantastical activities, and Tucson’s queer icons.

Enjoy as an observer or a playful participant in the spectacle and fun as the soirée spills into every room under the twinkling stars.

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2023 Event Photos

Rachel Castillo of Tucson Headshot,

Kathleen Dreier Photography,

and Jim O'Rourke of Jim's Lens

all graciously provided shots of the evening. Peruse below!

It Takes Community to Serve Community

Did you know up 50% of LGBTQ folks aren’t out to their current supervisor? When you consider that employees who are out & supported at work are 20-30% more productive, the need for the Gaymber becomes clear as day.

We look through an economic lens when advocating for the alphabet mafia: LGBTQIA+ folks bring over $1.2billion to the economy every year. Inclusive business really is good business, and money talks!

Join us at the best party of the year - bring your outfits, your fire, and your generous spirits. We intend to take the funds we raise at this event to hire a full-time Executive Director to bring all of the Gaymber goodness to Tucson, because we know our community deserves it.

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What to Expect


Live Music & Performances

Miss Olivia and the Interlopers & Cirque Roots


Hidden Lounges

Vintage cirque games, tattoos, & on-theme bedazzling station


Food, Drinks, Dessert

On theme food by Chef Vinny. Two complimentary beverage tickets for wine and beer, signature cocktails and mocktails



DJ, Photobooth, prizes, red carpet, sexy outfits. Afterparty for sponsors & VIP’s only!

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About the organizer

The Tucson LGBT Chamber of Commerce has been providing top-notch education & advocacy programming for Tucson's LGBTQIA+ & allied communities since 1995. Join us for this sensual soirée as we raise funds to hire our first Executive Director. Tucson deserves more of the Gaymber, and we're ready to bare it all!

Meet our Performers

Cirque Roots Productions & Studio is a grassroots artist collective that was founded in 2011 with a vision to inspire the community to create and play through movement and dance. We've created space for the community to engage in circus-inspired art, conscious events, and offer specialty workshops. The Cirque Roots performance crew have been performing collectively for over a decade and we are home to many of Tucson's most entertaining performers! We are a full service production company, and we know how to bring the party!

Cirque Roots has created several successful original productions that offer themes that inspire a positive change in collective thinking, we have been awarded two art grants for our work. Our performers will cater to the theme of your event by choreographing and costuming to fit your creative dreams.

2021 & 2022 Best Musical Act (Tucson Weekly).

Anchored by the creative core of powerhouse vocalist Olivia Reardon and nuanced bassist David Hostetler, Miss Olivia and the Interlopers draws from influences ranging all the way from Erykah Badu, Led Zeppelin. They are a band whose performances are always unique but never less than their collective best, whether performing in a small space as an intimate trio, or as a full, dynamic eclectic rock ensemble.

This is a band that always pushes boundaries, rises to creative challenges and never loses sight of their inborn sense of community, collaboration and the pure, untethered joy of playing music for music’s sake.

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Our Commitment to DEIA

From the ethereal venue that cradles us in its embrace to the selection of wines that dance on the palate; from the mesmerizing Cirque performers who defy gravity to the enchanting melodies woven by our DJ, we have woven a tapestry of inclusive magic. With unwavering dedication, we prioritize investing our resources with queer and/or BIPOC vendors, embracing their talents without seeking any discounts.

Our support for the community transcends every facet of our endeavor. When we proclaim 'Money Talks,' it resonates with our belief that every coin carries the power to inspire change.

We are aware that this gala may not be financially accessible to all, as it carries the weight of fundraising with elevated operational costs. We extend a heartfelt invitation to those unable to join us to consider purchasing a pair of community tickets, which we will bestow upon those yearning to partake in this enchanting experience but are constrained by hardship.

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Phone Number

(520) 615-6436

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Any Questions?

As expected, we sold out with almost a week to go!

Thank you to our year-round supporters!