Holiday Burlesque Gay-La

The most glamorous Queer event of the season

December 10th, 2022

5-10pm @ Tucson Museum of Art

Thank you to all our supporters!!

2022 Event Photos

Candice Eaton of C. Eaton Photography,

Rachel Castillo of Tucson Headshot,

and Jim O'Rourke of Jim's Lens

all graciously provided shots of the evening.

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The Finest Fête Yet

An evening of delights for all the senses, attendees will walk the red carpet as photographers snap away. Guests will be treated to delicious bites as they float about the room, immersed in the seductive glamour of burlesque performances, live music, and Tucson’s gay glitterati.

Enjoy as an observer or a playful participant in the elegance and fun as the soirée spills onto the patio under the twinkling stars.

Thank you for making our 2022 event a success! Follow along on the Gaymber's journey on our website & social media!

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It Takes Community to Serve Community

If you look at the historic numbers of anti-trans legislation that has come up in the last 2 years and check the headlines, it's clear that despite relatively high *popular* support for LGBTQIA+ rights, there are still many that want us to not exist at all. There are many approaches to addressing this, and we look through an economic lens. LGBTQIA+ folks bring over $1.2billion to the economy every year: inclusive business really is good business, and money talks! We intend to take the funds we raise at this event to hire a full-time Executive Director to bring all of the Gaymber goodness to Tucson, because we know our community deserves it.

Gay-La Highlights


Burlesque Performances

Matt Finish, It's Like Candy, & Dahlia De La Nuit


Live Music

Miss Olivia and the Interlopers


Food, Drinks, Dessert

Provided by: Gallery of Food, Dedicated Gluten Free



DJ Shorty, Photobooth, prizes, red carpet, sexy outfits

About the organizer

The Tucson LGBT Chamber of Commerce has been providing top-notch education & advocacy programming for Tucson's LGBTQIA+ & allied communities since 1995. Join us for this sensual soirée as we raise funds to hire our first Executive Director. Tucson deserves more of the Gaymber, and we're ready to bare it all!

Thank you to all our guests!

Meet our Performers

From the Big Apple by way of The Old Pueblo, she’s sweet w/ a lot of heat. One you’ll always remember…. for her presence lingers. Long after she’s gone, you’ll crave more. She’ll bring you fire and desire. It’s heat. It’s sweet. It’sLikeCandy!

The Dark Flower of Burlesque, Dahlia de la Nuit is an award winning striptease artist and dancer. With technical dance skills that rival her beauty and costuming, you won't be able to forget her.

Matt Finish is one of the founding members of Don't Blink Burlesque and The Arizona Burlesque Festival. He was also was voted #22 of the Top 50 Most Influential Burlesque Industry Figures of 2021! In 2015, Matt competed at the Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekender where he was crowned "Mr. Exotic World".

2021 & 2022 Best Musical Act (Tucson Weekly).

Anchored by the creative core of powerhouse vocalist Olivia Reardon and nuanced bassist David Hostetler, Miss Olivia and the Interlopers draws from influences ranging all the way from Erykah Badu, Led Zeppelin. They are a band whose performances are always unique but never less than their collective best, whether performing in a small space as an intimate trio, or as a full, dynamic eclectic rock ensemble.

This is a band that always pushes boundaries, rises to creative challenges and never loses sight of their inborn sense of community, collaboration and the pure, untethered joy of playing music for music’s sake.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Includes 4 tickets, extra raffle tickets, and time to address the entire crowd at the event.


Includes 2 entry tickets, extra raffle tickets, recognition on all materials

and at the event.


Includes 1 entry ticket, extra raffle tickets & recognition on all materials.


Includes extra raffle tickets & recognition on all materials.


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